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Community Gardening


Our vision is to foster a network of businesses, government, non-profits, volunteers, and donors to fight poverty through community-led initiatives.

People Gathering in a Meeting Together


Our mission is to (1) partner with other organizations to support communities in need (2) champion funding for sustainable community-led initiatives (3) educate and raise awareness of social and economic issues related to poverty

Volunteer Team


We believe in supporting sustainable community-led initiatives that permanently lift people out of poverty and build leadership, assessment, administration, and skills that can help people create future solutions independently.

Our Model is...

- Transformative -

Our development model requires a long-term commitment and collaborative efforts with all stakeholders committed to real and lasting transformation. We use an asset-based approach that aims to build on the strengths and capacities of the person and community.

Our Work is...

- Holistic -

We are conscious of our clients in their totality; and take an integrative approach toward their wellness. Our work takes us into the multiple dimensions of the human experience; physical, spiritual and psychological.

Our Motivation is...

- Empowerment -

Unfortunately, the results of many antipoverty programs are often protracted. This delay only exacerbates the powerlessness, helplessness and hopelessness many already feel in these communities.  Ignite Community Solutions helps individuals create their own unique pathways out of the destructive cycle of generational poverty. It’s about providing people with the tools, training, resources, encouragement, motivation and inspiration needed to succeed.

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